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Fantastic Friday

Thank you so much for joining us at IVT Virtual Summer Workshop! For our last day, we want to talk about two very important things- stage direction and stage make-up! Warm-ups! Join your fantastic aides for the final day of fun warm-ups ! Make-up Everyone needs a little makeup before they go on stage! Ms. McGraw-Carpenter and Chloe show us how to become the Cat in the Hat with makeup. Click here to watch. Blocking We need to know where to stand and where to go when we deliver our lines. Click here to watch Ms. Black teach about about blocking and stage direction.
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Thrilling Thursday!

So is anyone ready for some green eggs and ham yet? Keep practicing your dance, and remember to sing along while you're dancing! Warm-Ups No day of workshop can start without our wonderful aides leading us in wonderful warm-ups. Click here for today's warm-ups! Art In theater, actors hold objects when they go on stage. These are called "props", and Dr. Seuss characters can have a lot of props! Click here to watch Ms. Mel teach us how to make our very own green eggs and ham prop! You will need: paper plate pipe cleaner two pages of green consrution paper, tissue paper, or white paper that you can color green white paper a marker a bottle cap (or something to outline a small circle) scissors tape or glue (or parent-supervised hot glue)

Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday of Workshop! Have you been practicing your song? Today we'll learn to dance to it! Warm-ups With singing and  dancing today, it's important that we warm up! Click here to join your amazing aides for warm-ups! Dance As you learn your song, practice the dance moves too! Click here to join Ms. Britt for dance class.  Want more Dr. Seuss? Click here for some Dr. Seuss puzzles and games to get you rhyming! 

Terrific Tuesday

Welcome back to Virtual Workshop. Now that you have lines to practice, we can start learning our song! Warm-ups But first, join our aides and get warmed up! Click here for warm ups. Music Now that we're ready to sing, join Mrs. Moorman to learn our song. Click here for Music class.  And click here for the lyrics! Practice your song and if you want, share a video of your singing in the comments below!

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of Virtual Workshop!  Every day this week, we'll be posting videos from your teachers to help you learn acting, music, dance, and art. We also want to hear about shows you've done before!  Warm Ups But before we get started, it's important to WARM UP! Join the aides and get ready for acting! Click here for warm ups! Projection Next, let's learn about projection from Mrs. Frantzen. Click here for projection! Auditioning When you know how to project, you can take your script and audition! Ms. Campbell teaches us about auditioning HERE . Click HERE for the audition script in Ms. Campbell's video Once you know how to project and audition, you can start practicing a script.  Monologues Click here for some Dr. Seuss monologues, and pick one to practice alone. Remember what you learned about projection, and ask someone to record a practice "audition" so you can see yourself!

Welcome to Virtual Summer Workshop!

Everyone at the Opera House is disappointed that we can't be together for Workshop this summer, but you can still put on a performance! Check here every day, starting June 22nd, for a fun week of voice warm-ups, theater challenges, and your favorite workshop classes like acting, dance, singing, and art! At the end of the week, you'll be able to put together your own performace from inside your living room.  We can't wait for you to join us during Virtual Workshop!